PC games you can play for free with Twitch Prime in February

PC games you can play for free with Twitch Prime in February

Twitch is, as you know, the fast-growing video game streaming service, which airs competitions and lets people showcase their gaming skills to many thousands or millions of internet viewers.

Don’t want to watch someone else play video games? Ok, but you must know that Twitch has something else on tap that every kind of PC player can get behind: free games. If you’re an Amazon Prime subscriber, then you can automatically have access to Twitch Prime. It’s a service that eliminates ads from videos, lets you grant free monthly subscriptions to support streamers, and now includes several free games each month.

Even if you’ll never use the streaming service, all Amazon Prime subscribers should snag the free Twitch Prime subscription and download these free PC games from the Twitch desktop app; they’re yours to keep forever. And if you do love and use Twitch, then Prime and its myriad goodies is just the cherry on top. The selection changes monthly, so we’ll keep this space updated as new games arrive.


The Flame in the Flood – Putting a unique spin on the survival game, The Flame in the Flood sets you down a river on a raft, challenging you to forage for goods and deal with attackers along the way. It has a really distinctive style and tone.

Downwell – It started life on mobile, but this hardcore action game should be a treat on any screen. You’ll hop into the depths of a well as a young boy… a young boy equipped with gunboots, that is. They let you blast enemies while dropping, as well as (briefly) control your descent.

Dear Esther – Considered the original “walking simulator,” a genre that’s since spawned games like Gone Home and Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture, Dear Esther finds you wandering an island as you listen to letters a man wrote to his deceased wife. It’s haunting, emotional stuff.

Draknek & Co Puzzle Pack – This is actually a three-pack of puzzlers: A Good Snowman is Hard to Build is the standout of the bunch, challenging you to roll snowballs to craft a powder person. It also has the chemistry-themed Sokobond and the train route-planning Cosmic Express in the mix.


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